About Me


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My name is Amanda Martinotti and I am a self taught Make Up Aritst, Writer, and Beauty Influencer on social media.  My favorite brands are E.L.F Cosmetics, Flower, and W7.  My dream is to work with bigger brands such as Tarte, and Urban Decay.

If there is one mission I am on it is to show the world kinder beauty world.  Therefore you will never see me touch Covergirl,Maybelline, or anything that has been tested on an animal.  I do not believe animals enduring painful torturous testing, in order for my makeup consumption therefore, you will only ever see me use cruelty free makeup, and skin care products.

I also create logos, and write reviews for beauty and direct sale businesses for a small fee you can get my email on my social media directory page.

Let’s get glam!

Amanda Martinotti,

The Polka Dot Life